A waterproof solution for all your connections

Axindus completes its I4 range with new waterproof RJ45, USB 3.0 and fiber optic connection solutions.

Thanks to the synergy of its Axindus and Multimedia Connect brands, CAE GROUPE, recognized for more than 25 years for its expertise in structured cabling, is developing its range of I4 waterproof connectors. With its IP68 protection, your connections will be secured in case of immersion in water, making them resistant in harsh environments.

Industry 4.0Industry 4.0

Discover in this video our waterproof connector solutions of the I4 range:


In order to meet all your needs, these solutions are adapted to different demanding environments.

  • - Industry: Production lines
  • - Manufacturing: Waterproof finished product with LAN, FO or USB link..
  • - Infra: For underground parking, outdoor facilities, platform curbs, etc..
  • - Water treatment
  • - Building: For outdoor facilities such as campsites, bungalows …
  • - Live: For outdoor services


Tested and approved

"Our client Transports Lahaye consulted us for the installation of cameras on the roofs of their premises. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to connect these devices subjected to the weather and guarantee the reliability of connections. We then chose Axindus IP68 connectors because they meet the requirements of outdoor installations. After several months of use, they fully meet specifications. We will not fail to consult CAE GROUPE on other waterproof issues."


Kévin Drouaud

Account manager at Hervé Thermique

New RJ45 solutions

RJ45 field connector IP68RJ45 field connector IP68

RJ45 field connector


RJ45 field plug IP68RJ45 field plug IP68

RJ45 field plug


RJ45 female/female field couplerRJ45 female/female field coupler

RJ45 female/female field coupler


IDC field junctionIDC field junction

IDC field junction


Fiber Optic Solutions

Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC optical jumperSinglemode LC/LC duplex UPC optical jumper

Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC

optical jumper


Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC optical feedthroughSinglemode LC/LC duplex UPC optical feedthrough

Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC

optical feedthrough


Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC field optical feedthroughSinglemode LC/LC duplex UPC field optical feedthrough

Singlemode LC/LC duplex UPC field optical feedthrough


USB 3.0 Solutions

USB3 shielded connector A typeUSB3 shielded connector A type

USB 3.0 shielded connector A type


USB3 female/female shielded coupler A/AUSB3 female/female shielded coupler A/A

USB 3.0 female/female shielded

coupler A/A type


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