July 1, 2021

#RencontreAvec Astou SEYDI reception manager at CAE GROUPE

Reception Manager at CAE GROUPE logistics, Astou SEYDI talks to us about her job and the missions it involves. Discover her daily life at the Villabé warehouse, which she describes to us in a video interview.

Discover logistics at CAE GROUPE by Astou, reception manager at the TKH Group logistics warehouse in Villabé (91).

Astou's career at CAE GROUPE

An employee since 2006 at CAE GROUPE, Astou has held several positions during her career with the company. Initially a sales representative for 10 years at CAE GROUPE's head office, she then wanted to change jobs by integrating the management of after-sales service, a department attached to the logistics centre. Little by little, she developed her interest and curiosity for logistics services, and trained in order preparation, reception, and dispatch processes. With this interest in these jobs, Astou was given the opportunity to join the logistics team as a reception manager.

The job of Reception Manager

Now in contact with the products rather than the customers, as was the case for 10 years, Astou is still keen to contribute to their satisfaction by ensuring that the products are available quickly.

As reception manager, her job is to support and coordinate the reception team, to ensure that processes are applied and that the truck unloading schedule is followed. She is also the main contact between the reception and the cross-functional departments such as purchasing, supplies or the quality laboratory.


She entered the world of logistics by chance and confirmed her interest in this sector of the future, which offers a wide range of apprenticeship and development opportunities.