July 12, 2018

Boost your TV signal with the new indoor RJ45 TV signal amplifiers

terrestrial and satellite amplifiersterrestrial and satellite amplifiers
  • - Adjustable signal boost (20 dB) 
  • - Integrated 3 TV splitter 
  • - Integrated balun 
  • - Terrestrial and/or satellite

Article R. 111-14 of the Construction and Housing Code, standard NFC 15-100 sections 10 and 11 and experimental standard XP C 90-483, have introduced new factors into residential wiring. Communication services such as the telephone, data, audiovisual (DTT, satellite, etc.) need to be distributed via a twisted pair cable from a communication box.

In the case of a Grade 2 or Grade 3 cable TV, the reception level at the terminal socket may not be good enough. Hence it may sometimes be necessary to use a signal amplifier or booster.

Axitronic amplifiers can connect up to 3 televisions.

There's no need to add a balun cord in the communication box, the signal amplifier (75 Ohms – 100 Ohms) performs the impedance conversion function.

AXITRONIC amplifiers are available in 2 models: terrestrial + satellite or terrestrial only. They are equipped with an F plug input for cable TV signals and 3 RJ45 type outputs with an adjustable gain of 20dB.

AMPRJSAT3 Indoor terrestrial and satellite booster 20dB 
1 input / 3 outputs
AMPRJTER3 Indoor terrestrial booster 20dB 
1 input / 3 outputs