July 1, 2017

CAE GROUPE, compliant with new building product regulations (RPC).

Since 1st July 2017 all cables permanently incorporated into building works must comply with the new building product regulations (RPC).

CAE GROUPE has therefore made every effort to comply with these new regulations. And we're pleased to announce that our first RPC-compliant cables are now available in stock!

Accompanying and supporting our customers and partners is our priority: In order to offer you the best possible support, our technical documentation has been updated alongside the RPC levels of our cables.

cable RPC compliantcable RPC compliant

Pictograms intended for our customers to indicate RPC level of cable :

RPC levelRPC level

All our network cables affected by the new regulations will be marked clearly with the RPC level to promote recognition of Euroclasses.

Example of RPC marking on one of our network cables :

RPC cable markingRPC cable marking

Performance declarations (DOP) can already be accessed on our website www.cae-groupe.com

You can access the DOP area from the "direct links" section of the website banner or via the following link: http://www.cae-groupe.fr/fr/dop


Access to DOP records search module on our website


Next, fill in the DOP reference in capital letters and click on search to find the DOP record for the product


Example of Performance Declaration record

declaration of RPC performancedeclaration of RPC performance

Our product labels have shown all the necessary information.

For more information about the RPC regulations, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]