April 6, 2021

CAE GROUPE equips Argentinean Navy patrol boats

CAE GROUPE, a partner of Barillec (Vinci Energies), has been selected to supply the electrical and data cables for the three OPV87 offshore patrol boats for the Argentinean Navy.

A Franco-Argentine collaboration


Won in November 2018 by Naval Group, this major contract covers the manufacture and delivery by France of four offshore patrol vessels for the Argentine Navy.

The first step of this project was the refurbishment of 'L'Adroit', since renamed 'ARA Bouchard', operated by the French fleet until 2018. Upgraded after extensive work by Naval Group in Toulon, the first ship was delivered to Argentina in February 2020.

boat of the Argentinean Navy.boat of the Argentinean Navy.

The other three buildings are new constructions of the same model, type OPV 87 (Offshore Patrol Vessel). Specially designed for navigation in the icy waters of the Southern Ocean, these 87-metre marine vessels can live for up to three weeks on the high seas, and have the capacity to carry a 10-tonne class helicopter and two fast boats. The industrial project management has been entrusted to Kership, a subsidiary of Piriou and Naval Group.


The first of the three new patrol vessels was launched on 1 October 2020 in Concarneau, two months ahead of schedule, and its final delivery was made on 13 April 2021.

The other two vessels are being built in Lorient and Concarneau, at the Kership Lorient and Piriou shipyards, with delivery scheduled for the end of 2021 for the second and the beginning of 2022 for the last.

Barillec Marine (Vinci Energies), designer and installer of integrated electrical solutions for the marine industry


Founded in 1957, Barillec Marine has global expertise in electricity, electronics and marine automation and a solid experience in the development of creative, innovative and state of the art applications in propulsion, energy production and conversion. As a global electrical subcontractor to Kership, Barillec Marine supplies and commissions the complete electrical installation and civil communication systems of the vessels.

CAE GROUPE selected for its cables and the quality of its services

As a partner of Barillec Marine for many years, CAE GROUPE has been chosen to supply small and medium section electrical cables, as well as the entire data package.

Thanks to a strong synergy with its sister company TKF, manufacturer of marine cables, and a quality of logistic service, CAE GROUPE will also ensure the services of cutting, packaging and labelling for the last OPV planned in manufacture.

Offshore patrol vessels: defenders on the high seas

High Seas Patrol Vessels (HSPVs) are multi-purpose units optimised to ensure the maritime defence of the territory. Their spectrum of maritime protection missions is particularly wide: participation in embargo missions, support, defence of maritime approaches, maritime protection, fisheries control.