May 16, 2019

CAE GROUPE FOFIRE optical fibre complies with the XP C93-539 standard for fire resistance

A French fire resistance standard for optical fibre

Personal and public safety are major concerns. Many regulations have therefore been put into place and imposed on manufacturers in order to ensure that products comply with building safety requirements.

AFNOR, the standardisation authority, has adopted the experimental standard XP C93-539, defining suitable test methods. This standard concerns armoured or non-armoured, single-mode or multi-mode optical fibre communication cables, no larger than 20mm in diameter. 

The range of fire resistance tests performed

FO FIRE fibre has been subjected to 4 tests to determine its fire resistance.

The purpose of the first 2 tests was to determine the fire resistance of the fibre when subjected to tensile force, for the first test, and in a curved use situation for the second. 

The 3rd test aimed to observe whether the cable is flame-retardant, and the 4th measures fire retardation.

compliant XP C93-539 standardcompliant XP C93-539 standard

In order to guarantee the safety of property and persons, cables installed in construction are subject to standard requirements or essential criteria.

Fire-resistant cables are required to be installed in buildings, particularly in sensitive environments such as cultural venues (arenas, theatres), nuclear power plants, industrial sites or fire safety networks.

In order to provide a guaranteed solution to meet safety requirements, CAE GROUPE has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that its FOFIRE optical cable complies with XP C93-539 regulations.

FOFIRE, new regulationsFOFIRE, new regulations

With its LSZH double sheath and its stainless steel wire armour, the FOFIRE optical cable meets the requirements of XP C93-539 regulations.


This fire-resistant optical cable is perfectly adapted for sensitive environments. 
It provides an ideal solution for :

  • - IP connections for fire alarms
  • - IP intercom in tunnels
  • - Public safety sound system in arenas ...
Project CAE groupeProject CAE groupe


So far, CAE GROUPE is the only manufacturer that has successfully obtained certification from the LCIE laboratory.