May 11, 2017

CAE GROUPE is equipping 53 colleges with its PPMS solutions in the Ouest region in partnership with Eiffage Energie

This is an ambitious project, since the equipping of all 53 establishments must be finalised before the end of June 2017. Only five months to lay 30 km of cables together with all the PPMS compatible sound equipment.


At the end of 2016, the Departmental Council for Manche requested the installation of PPMS (special safety measures plan), PPI (special intervention plan) and POI (internal organisation plan) equipment in 53 colleges in the department.

This measure is a direct consequence of the state of emergency declared by the French Government. After the terror attacks of 2016 and because the terrorist threat is still present on our territory, all establishments open to the public have been asked to equip themselves with specific means of alert (sound alarm distinctly different from fire alarm, lesson bell changed or encoded, announcement messages over loudspeakers).


The CAE GROUPE AXCEB sound solution meets the directive of the Ministry of the Interior.


The AXCEB 100 volts sound solution proposed by CAE GROUPE completely satisfies the requirements of the directive from the Ministry of the Interior. The AXCEB PPMS device that has been chosen for installation in the colleges offers the advantage of being approved but it has also been designed to allow establishments to use it on an everyday basis, rather than just in an emergency.

Every day the collèges will use the sound system for their lesson start and end signals, for message announcements and to contact people within the establishment. In the event of an emergency, the system will then go into "warning" mode to quickly and effectively signal to the occupants of an area that they are in danger.

Consisting of several loudspeakers, microphones and message readers, it is simple and fast to install. The system is also equipped with a clock function able to synchronise to universal time via the addition of an antenna.


CAE GROUPE is developing more solutions to respond to the strengthening of security and safety measures in buildings that are open to the public.


EVAQ is a smart safety and evacuation sound alert system certified EN54. The EvaQ solution is recommended for the safety of people in buildings that are open to the public, in particular offices, airports, emergency services centres, shopping centres, hotels, educational institutions and universities. It can alert and evacuate people in the event of an incident in a public space.