January 7, 2021

CAE GROUPE presents its new Chief Executive Officer

CAE GROUPE is pleased to announce the appointment of Adil Crespin as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. He succeeds Mr. Patrice Vincent, appointed to this position in 2007, who will continue to work as an advisor to the company.

Adil Crespin will retain his current position as Chief Financial Officer, and will continue to be supported by Olivier Frias, the company’s founder, who is currently a member of the Executive Committee of TKH Group (holding company of CAE GROUPE), who provides operational and commercial consulting services.

To learn more about our new CEO, check out his video interview

Adil Crespin answers our questions and tells us all about his background, aspirations and vision for the future of CAE GROUP.


A symbolic transmission

Adil Crespin joined CAE GROUPE in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer. Since then, he has trained and supported by Patrice Vincent, and has actively participated in the implementation of a growth strategy. Adil Crespin intends to further pursue this strategy by expanding its products and services, deploying digitalization, and solidifying its commitment to CSR.

A symbolic transmission, because it is the product of its founders: "What I have always liked about CAE GROUPE, is to have the opportunity to integrate a company of founders, who knew how to bring values and a dynamic working method. That is felt in the daily life through an extremely strong implication of the collaborators. I am honored of this passage of torch, and motivated to make continue this so present energy ".


Adil Crespin, 42, is a graduate of ICN Business School of the class 2014 and a proud holder of a Chartered Accountant’s diploma.


In 2004, he joined the audit firm Deloitte, with the intention to work as an auditor for the long term. However, after ten years, his contact with his clients has inspired him towards new ambitions: "I felt that my decisions didn’t have enough impact on the companies I worked for. That’s why I wanted to do a new job that would allow me to implement concrete actions for the company, its employees and its customers" He later applied for the position of CFO proposed by CAE GROUPE, a company for which he was well acquainted for he was the representant in charge while working for Deloitte and transitioned into the position in July 2014.


Over the years, Adil Crespin has successfully completed his financial assignments and has gradually broadened his field of action: "Adil has demonstrated a great capacity for adaptation and understanding of our markets, which has enabled him to bring a strategic vision beyond his accounting and financial skills", says Patrice Vincent.

The future of CAE GROUPE

The new Managing Director has already stated his priorities for 2021: "CAE GROUP has proven itself to be a company with excellent agility, as seen throughout this particularly difficult year. This crisis is not over, and I must above all accompany and reassure our employees. New opportunities are opening up for us, and it is, once again, our responsiveness and dynamism that will make us emerge stronger".