April 1, 2021

Convergence facilitator:

The new Cat6A S/FTP AWG26 indoor/outdoor cable

The Cat6A AWG26 cable has a small diameter for easy connection of IP equipment. An essential timesaver for all your installations.

Cat6A AWG26 cableCat6A AWG26 cable

Designed for easier installations

To facilitate connection of IP links (cameras and other terminals), the new SF5004SHA26IOB is made with a small copper diameter, in AWG26, which represents substantial time savings for all your installations.


For even greater ease of connection on-site, particularly for IP camera application, this Cat6A AWG26 cable will ensure a smooth installation, due to its LSZH sheathing, which allows for use both indoors and outdoors.

connection of IP links - Cat6A S/FTP AWG26 cableconnection of IP links - Cat6A S/FTP AWG26 cable

In addition to providing increased protection for the cable, the packaging in boxes optimises storage and handling. No unwinding equipment

Electromagnetic immunity and performance guarantee

Double S/FTP shielding gives the cable high electromagnetic immunity, so that it can offer excellent transmission without data errors.

features - Cat6A S/FTP AWG26 cablefeatures - Cat6A S/FTP AWG26 cable
This cable will ensure a CAT6A transmission up to 60 m, which is better than the performance transmission of all the stranded cable available on the market.


  • - AWG26 diameter for easy connection to IP equipment.
  • - Black LSZH sheathing suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • - Double S/FTP shielding for excellent electromagnetic immunity


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