October 5, 2020

DIN 47100 color coding

GIF DIN 47100 color codingGIF DIN 47100 color coding

Understanding the DIN 47100 color code

A universal color code makes it possible to distinguish between conductors that would be similar, thus facilitating wiring and making it secure.

DIN 47100 is mainly used for control cables for data transmission, type LiYY, LiYCY.

The colors on a cable are to be read in order working from the outside to the inside. From conductors 11 to 44, the marking is two-colored and from conductor 45, it is necessary to use a third color.

Originally, the DIN 47100 color chart, a German standard, was used to identify conductors of telecommunications cables. This standard, withdrawn in 1998 for telecommunications, has remained in use in the cable industry.

DIN 47100 color coding for multicore (HI-FLEX-Y and HI-FLEX-CY)

DIN 47100 color coding multicoreDIN 47100 color coding multicore

DIN 47100 color coding for multipair (HIFLEX-CY P and HIFLEX-CY BP)

DIN 47100 color coding multipairDIN 47100 color coding multipair
DIN 47100 color codingDIN 47100 color coding