May 13, 2020

Discover our new DAB+ antenna : 100% digital radio !

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What is DAB +?

DAB = Digital Audio Broadcasting

The transmission technology of Digital Terrestrial Radio: DAB + is the equivalent of the DTT radio for television. This technology is free and requires no subscription.


DAB + uses the terrestrial Hertzian broadcasting network, which occupies the VHF frequency band – also known as band III – used by analog television before the advent of DTT in 2005. This band extends over the 174-223 MHz range, while the FM band is located on 87-108 MHz. These two technologies DAB + and FM are complementary to each other; and therefore, it is not necessary to free the FM band before deploying DAB +.

What are the advantages ?

- Better sound quality thanks to digital reception technology: no interference

- Better listening continuity during mobility

- More choices than FM radio

Deployment in full demand

With an accelerating presence throughout Europe, this technology has been very successful, particularly in the United Kingdom; Scandinavian countries, such as Norway; and Switzerland. This technology enables approximately thirteen radio services to be broadcasted on the same frequency.


The standard installation of DAB + in new cars is also increasing. In Norway, 98% of new cars are equipped with DAB +; 93% in the United Kingdom; and 91% in Switzerland. In France, 25% of new cars have a DAB + original equipment receiver as opposed to to the 20% installation rate at the end of 2018

Chronology of DAB + receiversChronology of DAB + receivers

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DAB+ antennaDAB+ antenna

The new DAB+ antenna : The ideal tool for optimum reception of digital radio 

(Ref : ANTDAB)

- Outdoor antenna for individual and collective installations

- Benefit from the latest DAB + radio technology

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