October 25, 2021

CAE GROUPE, French leader in structured cabling in 2020*

Largely subject to the impacts of the global health crisis, the structured cabling market is facing new market orientations, induced by a change in working habits as well as the growth of digitalization in commerce. CAE GROUPE has been able to adapt to these new constraints, enabling it to become the French leader in this market in 2020.

The year 2020 was a landmark year for the structured cabling market. In addition to the pandemic that paused world trade, this market was also subject to the pressure of macroeconomic factors linked to it:

  •  - Rising raw material prices (including copper)
  • - The maritime transport market, which is increasing its tariffs in the face of the reduction in the number of available containers, while doubling the delays in delivery
  • - The disruption of the international supply chain

Suppliers had to adjust their prices and optimise their stocks in order to secure sales at the beginning of the year.


2021 is therefore the year of recovery for cabling suppliers, marked by new market directions including the workspace of the future and the acceleration of e-commerce. Data centres, which are necessary infrastructures for the digitalisation of our economy, represent a strong growth driver for the entire structured cabling sector.


CAE GROUPE has been able to meet all of these challenges in order to consolidate its position as the French leader in the structured cabling market.

The impact of COVID on market players

The global pandemic that recently hit us had a strong impact on the French economy. The structured cabling market has not been spared, with construction sites halted, a lack of manpower, rising raw material prices, etc.


The successive confinements linked to the pandemic have changed our working habits, giving rise to a strong increase in working from home, which seems to be a fundamental trend. Offices will thus adapt by being flexible and modular to accommodate occupancy rates that vary from day to day.


The strong growth of online commerce is inviting traditional businesses to go digital. Tomorrow's baker will have an app that allows you to order in advance, but will still have a physical outlet. Tomorrow's business will be omnichannel or it won't be.


The structured wiring market will therefore have to adapt. These changes in working and consumption habits will lead to necessary investments in training, networks, with a strong development of the cloud, and the adaptation of physical spaces such as offices and shops.


What are the market trends?

The end of the health crisis should give way to sustained growth in the structured cabling market of almost 6% per year until 2025. This growth will be driven in particular by construction related to telecom infrastructure, transport modernisation, and the transformation of housing and commerce.




As a result of the loss of attractiveness of physical space for retail and offices, and the forecast increase in copper prices, the LAN market will remain vulnerable. It is expected to grow by 5% per year until 2025, but this growth will be gradual. It will only return to its 2019 level around 2023.


Category 5e is disappearing in favour of category 6A sales, which will remain dominant. Increasing needs for digitisation and automation will boost demand for category 7 and 7A, but the volume will remain relatively low in the coming years.

Ethernet cable sales forecasts - CAE GroupeEthernet cable sales forecasts - CAE Groupe

The growing DC market

The data centre market is evolving in France and will become the fastest growing segment and may represent up to 32% of the total market by 2025. The digitisation of France is accelerating and leading to an increase in demand for cloud and hosting, increasing the need for data centres, the development of large campuses and hyperscales. Many companies such as Amazon and Google are planning to build French data centres in the coming years.


A European convention on digital strategy was signed in 2021 and supports the deployment of fibre, the development of data centres and telecommunication technologies.


CAE GROUPE offers fibre optic solutions for the cabling of buildings, residential or otherwise. The latest project won is an example of its ability to adapt, as it will cable the entire head office of a major French group (more than 4000 workstations).



CAE GROUPE, the manufacturer and distributor


In this ultra-competitive market, there are manufacturers of several origins: American, French, Swiss, etc., among which the CAE Group is the leader, with a 15% share of the structured cabling market.


CAE bases its leadership position on its logistical strength, its ability to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of each of their projects and finally the recognised expertise of its men and women.

CAE Groupe leader in the structured cabling marketCAE Groupe leader in the structured cabling market

CAE GROUPE, one of the top 5 French distributors, is the only manufacturer that is also a distributor of its own brand. Offering a global range of numerous categories of cables, CAE GROUPE also proposes local customised offers, in particular fibre-preconnectorised in its workshops in Wissous (91).


Discover in our video what makes CAE GROUPE the leader of the French structured cabling market:

*According to a BSRIA World Market Intelligence* publication published in March 2021:

« Marché du câblage structuré » sur l’année 2020 en France


BSRIA est une organisation internationale, spécialisée dans les services techniques et la veille économique. Elle propose à la vente des produits d’un certain nombre de fournisseurs de premier plan ainsi que des services d’essai et d’étalonnage pour les équipements industriels.
L’organisation possède une unité d'intelligence du marché de BRSIA, appelée WMI. Sa mission est de fournir des connaissances sur les marchés technologiques, mondiaux et locaux, pour les applications du bâtiment.