April 2, 2021

Install your HDMI links easily using our hybrid optical cablesn with removable couplings

Available in lengths of 20 to 50 metres, the CHDMIOPTxxx hybrid optical cables do not require a power supply. Their HDMI connectors are detachable for easy movement through electrical ducts or conduits.

High performance cables

Available in lengths of 20, 30 and 50 metres, these HDMI cables have been developed especially to address the problem of running cable over long distances, whilst guaranteeing HDMI 2.0 performance, without any loss of signal.

HDMI cables long distancesHDMI cables long distances

Their detachable HDMI couplings make them easy to install in electrical ducts or conduits. They are delivered with a protective cap with ring for attaching a needle, which allows the cable to be pulled without damaging the coupling.

detachable HDMI couplingsdetachable HDMI couplings

These cables do not require any external power supply for operation.


They can be used to avoid needing to use active products such as extenders.

Cable applications

Place to installationPlace to installation

These cables are perfectly suited to use in meeting rooms or any space equipped with audiovisual equipment requiring long distances (amphitheatres, classrooms, etc.).


To find out more about the performance of these cables, please download our technical data sheet