July 14, 2021

SF10004SHMCx :The high frequency Ethernet transmission cable for sensitive environments

Infrastructures and sensitive environments require high performance cables with good fire performance. Discover the SF10004SHMCx, a high frequency transmission cable offering excellent electromagnetic immunity and a CPR Cca level. 

SF10004SHMCx - Ethernet high frequencySF10004SHMCx - Ethernet high frequency

High frequency data transmission

Exceeding the current standard, the SF10004SHMCx Category 7A cable is an investment for future network applications. It is a perfect solution for the transmission of very high frequency signals thanks to its 1000MHz bandwidth.

The cable offers excellent transmission rates with low error rates up to high frequencies of 1GHz, thanks to its double S/FTP shielding which provides excellent electromagnetic immunity.

Application of Ethernet high frequencyApplication of Ethernet high frequency

Meets the requirements of sensitive environments

Suitable and designed for sensitive environments and infrastructures, the SF10004SHMCx cable meets a CPR Cca, s1, d1, a1 level. Thanks to its LSZH jacket, this cable guarantees a good fire behaviour, in accordance with the requirements of this type of environment.


Want to know more about the SF10004SHMCx cable? Feel free to download our data sheet: