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CAE GROUPE, launches its connector range I4, certified IP67 or IP68 dedicated to Industry 4.0

These new connectors complete the existing range of polyurethane cables and active products.

CAE GROUPE presents its new range of connectors, I4, dedicated to Industry 4.0, composed by RJ45 connector CAT6A, plugs, couplers and waterproof boxes. The heart of the system, the RJ45 Category 6A connector, offers 10 Gigabit speeds and excellent protection against electromagnetic interference thanks to 360° Zamac shielding. With these new products, CAE GROUPE now offers a complete range of polyurethane cables, connectors and active products, for a complete answer to the needs of all industrial environments.

Details of CAE GROUPE's Industry 4.0 range

  • - RJ45 connector CAT6A Shielded IP68
  • - RJ45 CAT6A IP68 Shielded Plug:
  • - RJ45 coupler CAT6A FEMALE - FEMALE Shielded IP68
  • - Sealing Cap
  • - IP67 box 1 or 2 connector
  • - Polyurethane sheath LAN cables resisting against chemical and mechanical attacks (grease, lubricants, oils), with high EMC protection thanks to double shielding : SF / UTP for cat5e and S / FTP for category
  • - Active products of the Level One range offering compatibility with a Din rail installation and high resistance to hostile environment conditions, such as water splashes Some products in the range are equipped with a dual-band frequency, with automatic management of the frequency bands for better reception of the WIFI


Photos: Available for download on - Press Room – Press release

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Established in 1987, CAE GROUPE has developed and organised its offering to provide global cabling, connectivity and communication solutions that address three main markets: smart building, industry and live broadcasting (audio video).

CAE GROUPE is a subsidiary of TKH Group, a Dutch company listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Supported by the TKH Group’s 15 plants, CAE GROUPE has total mastery of its production facilities, which are organised by speciality: optical fibre, copper cables, leads, connectors. CAE GROUP has several agencies and sales offices throughout France, and is developing its presence across borders with representative offices and a large network of partner distributors.

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