September 13, 2019

LevelOne, the new active product solution from CAE-Groupe

Thanks to its wide range of LevelOne products, CAE GROUPE offers an ideal networking solution for users looking for an affordable and efficient way to extend their network.


A very wide range of switches available with numbers of ports ranging from 3 to 52, which can also be equipped with Poe, PoE+ and 4pPoE function (power through port). They also have the advantage of offering fast data transmission/transfer, from 10Mbps to Gigabit Ethernet. The switches can be rack-mounted in 19" format for full integration into the patch bay.

Switch LevelOne - CAE GroupeSwitch LevelOne - CAE Groupe


An ideal accessory to improve performance of your Power over Ethernet network, the repeater extends the range of your devices. Normal cables only reach 100 metres, but the PoE repeater allows installers to improve PoE network performance up to 200 metres.

Poe repeater - CAE GroupePoe repeater - CAE Groupe

These repeaters do not use external power and are therefore the most flexible option for systems integrators who are looking for an affordable solution to increase the possible distance between their connected devices.


This range features PoE switches offering a number of RJ45 ports ranging from 1 to 20, a compact 19" 1U rack-mountable design, easy to install in a server space to centralise power management and simplify network integration for different applications.

Power between 15 W and 375 W

Poe Switches - CAE GroupePoe Switches - CAE Groupe


Various active product ranges can be DIN rail mounted, such as PoE switches of various types, thus meeting the needs of industry 4.0