July 1, 2021

Optics: live or installed, we have the solution!

Mobile and fixed installations in the world of live and event events entail different constraints, requiring products adapted to the environment in which they are used. S2CEB responds to these needs by developing a complete range of fibre optic cables and accessories, in order to offer customised solutions adapted to your needs.

Do you want to organise a live event such as a concert or a festival, or do you want to set up an installation for a theatre or an auditorium? The fibre S2CEB optic range is the right solution

Flexibility and resistance to movement for mobile installations

For mobile uses, such as one-off events (concerts, festivals), it is necessary to use a flexible optical cable, which will ensure better resistance to movements. To meet these applications, S2CEB has developed FOLIVE, an optical fibre with a reinforced structure equipped with aramid rovings and a PUR sheath, which gives it high resistance to crushing and extreme flexibility. The flexibility of this fibre allows it to be installed on a reel.


Would you like to know more about the characteristics of FOLIVE?

Discover its technical data sheet:

optical fiber for events - FOLIVEoptical fiber for events - FOLIVE

A response to all fixed installation environments

For a fixed installation, the choice of the optical fibre is determined by the environment in which it will be installed. Whether indoors, outdoors, in an environment where rodents are present, in a humid place or in a space requiring fire resistance, S2CEB's fibre optic range meets all these requirements.


Discover the S2CEB optical range brochure.

It details all of our optical solutions dedicated to the world of live events: