April 20, 2021

Long distance HDMI cable: longer than the Statue of Liberty!

Designed for long distance applications, this cable guarantees HDMI 2.0 performance over a distance of 100 meters. Delivered on a reel, our extra flexible cable is equipped with protective caps at the ends and a reinforced structure to ensure optimal use outdoors.


HDMI 2.0 cable: robust and flexible for freedom of use

This HDMI 2.0 cable CHDMIOPT100ROLL will offer you the freedom of a reliable and fast installation with its 100m length, longer than the Statue of Liberty (93m).

Cordon HDMI 2.0 - TailleCordon HDMI 2.0 - Taille

Delivered on a reel for regular and mobile use, the CHDMIOPT100ROLL cable is extra flexible, making it easy to handle over long distances, while guaranteeing HDMI 2.0 performance.


For outdoor and mobile use, the ends of the cable are equipped with an IP68 cap to protect the connectors from dust and water.

Its Kevlar-reinforced structure ensures excellent mechanical performance throughout your performances.

This cable does not require an external power supply for its proper functioning.

Cable applications: 1 for 5, all for 1

The composition of this cable makes it perfectly suited for outdoor and mobile use. It is ideal for use on TV sets, sports fields, and other mobile events requiring a distance of 100 meters or less.

Applications du câble HDMIApplications du câble HDMI

To find out more about the performance of these cords, please download our data sheet:

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