October 25, 2019

Lubrizol : The PPMS Solution for alerting populations

When the fire at the Lubrizol factory in Rouen was announced on Thursday the 27th of September last year, a significant amount of time elapsed before the population was alerted, particularly in the case of schools. However, there are several solutions available for this situation.


After the fire at the Lubrizol factory in Rouen, the issue of systems for alerting the population was raised. In the event of a natural or industrial disaster, how can a maximum number of people be warned?


In the case of an industrial disaster, such as the Lubrizol fire, the authorities need to alert the population as quickly as possible to ensure that they can stay safe. CAE GROUP offers its PPMS solution for this problem - a public safety sound system.


A special safety measures plan, or PPMS, allows an organisational structure and set of resources to be prepared, ready to be put into place, to ensure that occupants of an establishment can stay safe whilst they wait for the arrival of the emergency services.


The government developed the PPMS concept in 2002. It was intended for schools and colleges, to make sure that staff and pupils would be safe in the event of an incident. However, this plan is now being extended to all establishments that are open to the public, such as hospitals and companies.


Before setting up a PPMS system, establishments need to identify the major risks to which people may be exposed in the immediate area. Every type of risk is thus associated with a specific procedure in the event of an accident.


Indeed, according to Delphine Fabre from AMARIS (the French national association of communities for control of major technological risks), as sites all present different risks depending on their nature, accident guidelines cannot be covered adequately by national directives. Actions need to be appropriate to the local situation.



Natural risksNatural risks

Lowland flooding, torrential rain, landslides, avalanches, forest fires, earthquakes, storms



Technological risksTechnological risks

Industrial (fire, explosion, toxic cloud), nuclear (radioactive cloud), dam bursting (flooding), transport of dangerous materials by road, rail or pipeline (fire, explosion, toxic cloud)



Proximity risksProximity risks

Industries carrying risks within a close perimeter


terror attack or intrusion risksterror attack or intrusion risks

From November 2015


The AXCEB PPMS solution from CAE GROUPE allows several PPMSs to be initiated at the same time and in different ways. From within an establishment, it is possible to trigger a sound alert by pressing a special button, by using a phone or by using a tabletop microphone, which allows details to be added to the alert. It is also possible to trigger the sound alert remotely by computer.


But one of the greatest advantages for communities or educational authorities is the ability to trigger the alert by text, which makes it possible to alert several establishments at the same time. Town halls can therefore warn all establishment directors, so that they can proceed to follow instructions for containment, evacuation or closing of the establishment, as decided upstream by the government.

Solutions - AxcebSolutions - Axceb

In addition, CAE GROUPE's AXCEB PPMS solution offers the advantage of being part of a multi-purpose public address system, which can be used in other ways by the establishment concerned, for instance to call someone via the tabletop microphone, to broadcast music or to ring bells for lessons and recess

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