March 9, 2020

MMC introduces new high-speed LAN CABLE for PoE Applications - 90W CAT6A F/FTP

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Following the new POE standard (IEEE802.3bt), Multimedia Connect launch a new CAT6A LAN cable - F6004SHC5 – which provides 90W to a remote power supply. The F6004SHC5 ensures the optimal performance of the 4PPoE.

LAN Cable - 90W CAT6A F/FTPLAN Cable - 90W CAT6A F/FTP

90W Power

The F6004SHC5 cable has an AWG22 section, which allows it to support 4PPOE and its 90W while also overcoming the loss of Joules.

In addition, the cable has been designed with oxygen reducing components such as skin / foam / skin insulation, thus reducing the insulation of the conductor while also improving heat dissipation.

CAT6A cable, and more

Having been tested at 600 MHz. this new cable performs beyond the standard IEC61156-5 Cat6A transmission up to 125 m – well beyond maximum standards – thus making it an ideal solution for cameras and all remotes sites.

Attenuation tests performed on the F6004SHC5 cable:

attenuation tests performed on the LAN cableattenuation tests performed on the LAN cable

CPR certified

Compliant with the requirements for public access establishments, the CPR level of this cable is Cca certified (s1, d1, a1), Multimedia Connect recommends the use of this CPR cable in hospitals

EMC optimization

The F6004SHC5 cable benefits from a D type separation class, which improves shielding efficiency and EMC by providing both general and individual shielding of  pairs.
In the case of EMC-sensitive sites, such as hospitals, segregation class D allows a simplified installation that reduces the space between high current and low current.

EMC optimizationEMC optimization
installation of LAN Cableinstallation of LAN Cable
Applications of LAN cable 90W CAT6A F/FTPApplications of LAN cable 90W CAT6A F/FTP


This high-speed 90W VDI cable is the perfect solution to the various PoE applications in buildings.

  • - CCTV camera
  • - WiFi hotspot
  • - Access control
  • - Lighting management (IP lights)…