May 23, 2018

New 19" box range

19" Box19" Box

Since it was created, Multimedia Connect has been making and offering its partners a full range of 19" sheet metal products.

In order to adapt to the requirements of its distribution and installation partners, MultiMedia Connect is launching a new 19" box with increased load capacity. These new 19" boxes now offer a load capacity of 60kg, with 2 depths, of 400 and 600mm.

Installation of the 19" boxInstallation of the 19" box

To make it easier to transport the boxes but also to store them, Multimedia Connect is also launching a line of flat-pack boxes. MMC flat-pack boxes are easy to assemble, as only 1 person and less than 10 minutes are needed to assemble one of these boxes.

These 2 product lines are available in depths of 400 and 600 for heights ranging from 7U to 22U.

19" box characteristic19" box characteristic