December 16, 2020

New ES6 cabinets :

the upgraded version of the ESSENTIAL cabinets

ES6 : the ESSENTIAL cabinets with increased performances

The new ES6 cabinets includes a double glass front door to facilitate access to the cabinet in small spaces. It also has 4 mountings (2 front / 2 rear) ensuring a better weight distribution in the cabinet and optimized interior management of the cabinet.


The 4 mountings offer the possibility of installing active accessories :

- Computer servers

- Access control

- Video surveillance.


In order to offer a loading capacity up to 650kg, the ES6 cabinet has 3 reinforced bars. They are suitable for medium density installations. These 42U cabinets are available in 3 sizes : 800x600, 800x800, 800x1000.


Overview of our cabinet ranges


Good quality/price ratio

Low loading capacity: 500kg

Essential ES6

Upgraded Essential cabinet (+ 4 mountings, double door)

Medium loading capacity: 650kg

Technic 1000

Premium cabinets

Cabling of technical rooms and data centers

Available in glass or perforated door

High loading capactiy: 1000kg