September 30, 2020

New IP54 waterproof box

IP54 waterproof box for external connections protection

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IP54 waterproof box - OpenIP54 waterproof box - Open
IP54 waterproof box - CloseIP54 waterproof box - Close

High level protection

IP54, UL 746C and UL94-V0 compliant, the COUPLMMCIP54 box will ensure you a protected connection in both outdoor environment or constrained environment.

UV ResistantUV Resistant

- IP54 conception

- Fire resistance according the UL94-V0 standard

- Bad weather and UV resistant according the UL746C standard

- Wall fixation possible

-Thermal plastic box for high impact resistance

Multi compatibility

The box is adapted to connections such as RJ45 coupler, adapter plates, RJ/RJ plug connector, BNC, ...

IP54 waterproof box - ApplicationsIP54 waterproof box - Applications

This coupler is also compatible with copper and optical cable with a diameter from 5 to 8. An oversheath is also given for cable diameter tgan 5mm in order to keep the waterproofness.

Easy installation

Mounting installation with screw or wall installation by cable tie.

IP54 waterproof box - InstallationIP54 waterproof box - Installation