October 20, 2021

The obligations of the communication box in house

The obligations for the conformity and safety of electrical installations in housing are defined by the NF C 15-100 standard. This standard requires the installation of a GTL (Gaine Technique du Logement) to group together the electrical equipment in the home, including communication boxes equipped with various accessories.

The NF C 15-100 standard is the standard in force for electrical installations in residential premises, which concerns new homes (from January 2015) or completely renovated homes. It defines a certain number of obligations but also recommendations in order to ensure an electrical installation that complies with the safety of goods and people.

The GTL or Housing Technical Sheath

The NF C 15-100 standard requires, among other things, a Housing Technical Sheath, also called the GTL, which will allow all the protection and communication equipment to be grouped together within the home.


The GTL is located in a space dedicated to the electrical supply of the dwelling, called the ETEL, Espace Technique Électrique du Logement. The dimensions of this ETEL are defined in the NF-C 15100 standard with a minimum dimension of 600x250 (WxD) over the entire height of the space, i.e. from floor to ceiling.


A GTL therefore makes it possible to group together all the elements dedicated to electrical supply and safety, i.e.: main distribution board, switching elements such as circuit breakers etc.

Communication box - CAECommunication box - CAE

The NF C 15-100 standard also determines the positions of the various elements, and the regulations impose a maximum height of 1.80m for the circuit breaker handle. A panel without a door must be at a height of 0.90m minimum and 0.5m if it is equipped with a door.

GTA and communication box

If the GTL is dedicated to the grouping of the electrical protection elements, it also allows to group the communication elements such as the communication box.


The communication box allows the distribution of DATA and/or TV signals in the home. It must be protected by an enclosure against mechanical and electrical shocks (if active) and electromagnetic disturbances. The GTL is not considered as an enclosure for the communication board.


The 250 mm wide communication box must have at least:


  • - 1 RJ45 patch panel with at least 4 RJ45
  • - 1 adapter for broadcasting (HNI)
  • - 1 RJ45 DTI
  • - 1 space of 100mm for DTIO (Optical Dti)
  • - 1 grounding device
contents of communication box - CAEcontents of communication box - CAE

In order to comply with the new decree of 03 August 2016 (art R111-14), the communication box must also be equipped with an adjoining area, itself equipped with 16A 2P+T sockets. The adjoining area must also be able to accommodate the operator's box.

adjoining area with communication boxadjoining area with communication box

The communication box allows the distribution of data and TV resources via a Grade 3TV and/or coaxial cable. As a real starting point, the box must be large enough to ensure the cabling of the entire dwelling and meet the requirements of the new residential standards.


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