February 9, 2021

CAE GROUP Has become one of the official suppliers to the company Chantier de l'Atlantique

CAE Group has successfully completed the selection process to become official supplier of Low voltage cables to the S34 electrical substation of the first French offshore windfarm manufactured by CDA (a global player in offshore engineering and construction)

A synergy for energy

The electrical substation is the central point of any offshore wind farm. It collects the energy generated by the wind turbines and transfer it onshore through underwater cables. The substation also acts as a relay for remote control of the farm.


This unit is 35 meters high and 25 meters wide. It has been designed to last up to 30 years in open water which represents a tremendous challenge from industrial and technological aspects. CDA is the only French manufacturer playing in this market

Initiated in January 2020 the construction of the substation will be completed by mid-2021 before starting the offshore installation. The electrical commissioning is scheduled for early 2022.


Thanks to a partnership with its sister company TKF (a leading manufacturer of marine cables) CAE group has joined the intimate team of cables suppliers for CDA.


CAE Group will play a critical role by cutting, packaging, and labelling over 100km of cables to comply with the strict specifications and optimizing the work on site.

Saint Nazaire: First stage of several French offshore wind farms

The wind farm is owned by the company Eolien Maritime France SAS and run jointly by EDF Renewables and EIH Sarl, a subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. ("Enbridge"), The Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm will consist of 80 offshore wind turbines, with unit capacity of 6 MW (megawatts) giving a total capacity of 480 MW. It will provide the equivalent of 20% of the electricity consumed by the Loire-Atlantique department. The wind turbines will be located between 12 and 20 km off the Loire-Atlantique coast, covering a total area of 78sqm up to 25meters deep.

wind farms - Saint Nazairewind farms - Saint Nazaire

the Saint Nazaire offshore wind farm is the first stage of a three steps project which will be followed by two other wind farms constructed off Fécamp (started in June 2020) and Courseulles-sur-Mer (construction kick tba). These three offshore wind farms will eventually cover the equivalent of the domestic electricity consumption of nearly two million people in France.

wind farms - installationwind farms - installation

French enthusiasm for offshore wind power

wind farms on seawind farms on sea

France is committed to a long-term energy plan (PPE) covering all energy sectors as well as construction, transport, industrial, agricultural and forestry sectors. The intention for the period 2019 to 2028 is to gradually phase in France's future in terms of energy moving towards a cleaner, simpler, and more efficient system. Offshore wind energy targets have been increased in 2016 to achieve 40% renewable electricity by 2030.


Ambitions are rising thanks to positive conditions in the marine sector, but above all, a substantial increase in jobs created by this booming industry. In fact, more than 1000 local workers are involved in the Saint Nazaire offshore wind farm.