Our brands

The various CAE GROUPE brands meet the needs of numerous fields of application, positioning the group as a multi-specialist.

Connected building

Created in 1993, Multimedia Connect is the leading brand for structured copper and optical cabling, racks and cabinets in the French market. With “smart & simple” spirit, the products are designed to facilitate the work of the installer and the user, by offering innovative products dedicated to IP convergence. Copper cabling solutions, from CAT5e to CAT8, are certified by independent laboratories and offer a high degree of performance and reliability, complemented by a range of optical solutions for both outdoor and indoor network installations. Multimedia Connect also offers a range of racks to suit all applications, thus combining appearance and functionality.

For more than 20 years, Axitronic has established itself as a leading name in the field of TV signal distribution for the residential sector, and today offers a complete response to domestic needs. From terrestrial or satellite reception to signal processing and distribution, Axitronic now provides a solution for residential VDI applications through a range of communication boxes, grade 3TV cable and FTTH fibre optic solutions.

With its AXCEB brand, CAE GROUPE designs and supplies amplification solutions, audio sources, microphones and loudspeakers. AXCEB supports its customers in their projects, from study to installation. Specialising in 100 V in-line, low impedance, PPMS and EN54 solutions, AXCEB also offers an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

A leading brand in the field of professional audio and video, S2CEB puts its expertise at the service of the construction industry, proposing a global offer for pre-wiring of all audio and video links: VGA, audio, HDMI, video, USB. The CAE GROUP internal production unit allows S2CEB to respond to all special cabling problems (cords, optical links, panels and boxes, etc.), within an optimal lead time.

Founded in 1991, LevelOne has a proven track record of manufacturing active and IP network products, ideal for users looking for an affordable and efficient way to extend their network. This partnership allows CAE GROUPE to complement its structured cabling solutions with a complete range of active products that includes switches, injectors, repeaters, converters, etc.

Founded in 1949, RCF is an Italian manufacturer well known for its expertise in public security address systems. CAE GROUPE draws on its know-how to offer an intelligent evacuation system for all types of application. In order to guarantee the safety of property and people, Security Public Address Systems are subject to numerous European standards. All products in this evacuation system are EN 54 certified.

Reducing infrastructure costs by offering a high-performance and environmentally friendly solution is the aim of the EcoFlex’IT Ⓡ system. This solution is an environmentally responsible technology offering an optical fibre connection to an Active Consolidation Point (ACP) which is then used as the starting point for copper distribution to all the terminal outlets. The ACP, integrated in a technical floor or false ceiling, ensures a discreet installation while eliminating the presence of technical rooms, thereby optimising space and energy consumption.


The range of cables and connectors developed by AXINDUS has built up its reputation across the entire industrial sector for over more than 30 years. Its highly diversified ranges of cables for a wide range of applications (nuclear, process and automation, petrochemicals, water treatment, handling and lifting, railways, medical, aeronautics) are assets to support our integrator and installer customers in their projects. AXINDUS can also design and produce special cables to meet technical, practical and financial constraints.

With more than 45 years of experience in the naval marketTKF offers cables that comply with international norms and standard, s. Its solutions are certified by inspection bodies such as Lloyd’s, BV and DNV. Modern shipbuilding requires equipment capable of operating under difficult conditions while ensuring the protection of people, infrastructure and the environment. TKF offers tailor-made solutions to serve every need and every constraint in the naval environment.

Founded in 1991, LevelOne has a proven track record of manufacturing active and IP network products, ideal for users looking for an affordable and efficient way to extend their network. This partnership allows CAE GROUPE to complement its solutions with a range of active DIN rail-mountable products, such as PoE switches and PoE injectors, meeting the needs of Industry 4.0.

Audio / Video / Live

S2CEB, a CAE GROUPE brand since 1992, manufactures and distributes a complete range for audio/video pro and broadcast applications. With its cabling production unit, specialised in the design of cords, stage boxes and fully equipped patch panels, S2CEB responds quickly to the needs of its customers by offering them a tailor-made solution.

Theatrixx Technologies is a manufacturer of specialised technical equipment for the performing arts, events and entertainment sectors. It designs innovative, solid and high standard equipment. Through this partnership, S2CEB offers a range of converters that facilitate SDI, HDMI, DVI and fibre connections and signal conversions.

With over 35 years of expertise, the Neutrik® brand is the world leader in the design and manufacture of connectors, plugs and sockets for audio, video, and power supplies. This partnership enables S2CEB to complete its solutions with a range of connectors for the manufacture of its cords.

Fiberfox is a German company that manufactures hermaphroditic optical connectors with multimode lenses, cords and converters that withstand the most extreme conditions of use (dust, water, extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.). Fiberfox optical connectors meet the requirements of broadcasting, military and industrial applications.

Schill, a family company, has been manufacturing cable reels since 1948 and has gradually established itself as a major name in the world market. Its range of products meets all needs, from spring-loaded / flexible swivel reels for industry to the live audio and broadcast world.

Seetronic is a high-tech company with a precision machining base in Taiwan. Seetronic products include audio, video, power and optical fibre connectors, which are widely used in audio, lighting, medical, automotive, machinery, aviation and other industries.

Ten47 is an British company specialising in audiovisual and industrial connectors. Ten47 has established itself thanks to the robustness of its products, which are perfectly suited for mobile applications, thus meeting the needs of the broadcast and event markets.