April 14, 2021

#AuCoeurDe : Our production workshop

Our production workshop, located in our logistics centre, designs customised solutions for you, including the manufacture of customised cables, pre-assembly of racks, drawers and optical boxes, as well as the production of 100V line and PPMS sound systems.

Tailor-made solutions for your installations

Located within our logistics centre in Villabé, (91) France, CAE GROUPE's production unit designs and produces customised products that meet the specific requirements of your installations.  This location enables us to respond as quickly as possible and to offer our customers quality "Made in France" products.

Our team has expertise in all areas of low current offered by CAE GROUPE: VDI, industry, audio/video, HF, 100 volt line sound. For a complete service, CAE GROUPE can carry out the study from a specification.

Choose the “a la carte” menu!

The CAE GROUPE production unit offers many possibilities for on demand services:

    - manufacture of customised cords (network, video, audio, power supply, lighting, stage boxes)

    - integration of VDI equipment in patch bays and enclosures

    - pre-equipment of optical drawers and enclosures

    - production of 100V and PPMS line-wired racks and cabinets with programming to meet the needs of the installation.

    - any other specific request


A set of turnkey solutions, which will save you time and guarantee the reliability of the connections.

We put our skills, know-how and commitment at your service to make your project a success.

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