Listening to customers, responding to their requests, and delivering efficiently and quickly are all commitments that CAE GROUPE strives to uphold with its customers.CAE GROUPE provides its customers with a range of services to accompany them and make its expertise available throughout every steps of projects.

CAE GROUPE boasts powerful expertise in logistics

A key aspect of its services and proximity strategy, its logistics platforms, located in Villabé (Paris region) and Toulouse handle more than 80,000 deliveries per year in France and abroad.

Perfect control of incoming and outgoing flows

The sites are managed by WMS for total traceability, and have numerous automation machines (pallet conveyor system, packaging machines) that allow significant flow.


In order to gain in reactivity, the logistics department organises its flows using a cross-docking system. As soon as the goods are received in our warehouses, the computer system identifies them and issues instructions to immediately redirect them into the trucks for delivery.


20 M€







CUTTING MACHINES (60 000/year)




This industrialised facility enables us to offer our customers a whole range of logistics services that simplify their daily business.

  • For scheduled orders, personalised stocks can be set up in specific storage areas dedicated to customers
  • • Specific labelling and packaging tailored to customer requirements
  • Standard transport : courier, express courier, chartering
  • Tailored transport: delivery to upper floors, construction sites, secure sites, etc...
  • Security protocol management

A guarantee of quality

Each incoming delivery of cables, accessories and connectors from our factories is thoroughly inspected by our quality control department. A sample of each delivery is tested and a tracking sheet is generated to ensure product traceability to the end user. All LAN and coaxial cables are subjected to high-frequency electrical tests to ensure compliance with IEC standards.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of control and measurement equipment, including a network analizer capable of testing at above 2 GHz.

CAE GROUPE has an integrated production facility within the Villabé logistics centre. It designs all your made-to-order copper cords to suit the specific features of your installations. CAE GROUPE also specialises in the integration of VDI equipment cabinets and public address systems into racks.

French skillsmenship

The production workshop teams have recognised expertise in the fields of structured cabling, cable television, sound, audiovisual, professional audio-video and industrial networks. They thus offers a complete service, from the analysis of requirement specifications to the manufacture of finished products.

Manufacturing tailored to customer needs

Small and medium production runs of made-to-order cords are manufactured in our workshops in Villabé (Paris area). This location allows us to respond as quickly as possible and to offer a “Made in France” guarantee as to the quality of our products. CAE GROUPE can also produce made-to-order cords on an industrial scale in the group’s factories.

Our experienced and multidisciplinary technical design office team is at your disposal for the realisation or analyse of technical specifications requirements, draw up layout diagrams, plans and costings. Starting from the requirement specifications, which we can draw up for you, we study and propose tailor-made solutions, guaranteeing a response adapted to your specific needs.

« We put our skills, know-how and commitment at your service to ensure the success of your project »

FIRST is a training centre approved by the Regional Directorate of Labour and Employment and offers you certified training courses on structured copper and optical fibre cabling. The training courses focus on best practices in copper and optical cabling, network upgrades, the use and configuration of acceptance testing tools and the interpretation of errors with regard to standards. At the end of your training, you will receive CAE GROUPE manufacturer certification, which will allow you to offer our 25-year warranty to your customers.