October 11, 2021

Reeling cables - tough as nails

Lifting and handling are among the most demanding environments in terms of stress. Reel cables must be adapted to these extreme environments. They require high performance and flexibility to ensure their longevity and the safety of people and equipment.

Power and control cable for industrial environmentsPower and control cable for industrial environments

What is a reel cable?

Reeling cables are power and control cables specifically developed to withstand high mechanical and environmental stresses. They must withstand acceleration speeds, pulls, bends and twists during unloading and reeling.


These cables are suitable for outdoor use and have a black sheath that is resistant to UV radiation and moisture. For use in water, some ranges can be immersed in sea water up to 50m deep.


Their flexibility and small bending radius are also a great advantage for their installation. In rubber or polyurethane sheathing, these cables are highly resistant to chemicals, especially oil and grease, and remain flexible over a wide temperature range.

Machine power cableMachine power cable

What are the uses of a reel cable?

The power supply of handling and lifting equipment, such as aerial platforms, hoists, overhead travelling cranes, conveyors and gantries, requires this type of cable.


Reel cables are also suitable for any industrial environment with high mechanical, external, chemical and flexibility constraints, such as seaports, quarries, and agricultural machinery, but also in the event industry.

control cable for industrial environmentcontrol cable for industrial environment

The TROMPUR and TROMRUB ranges: proven resistance

AXINDUS offers a range of reel cables, in special rubber or polyurethane, meeting the needs of extreme environments.

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