February 17, 2020

Residential cabling is changing: In-depth look at standard XP C 93-531-17


standard XP C 93-531-17standard XP C 93-531-17

Article R. 111-14 of the Construction and Housing Code, standard NFC 15-100 sections 10 and 11 and experimental standard XP C 90-483, have introduced new factors into residential wiring. Communication services such as telephone, data and television services (DTT, satellite, etc.) had to be distributed via a twisted pair cable from a communication box following the order of 03 August 2016, which marks the end of coaxial cable for TV distribution (apart from uplinks) and PTT298 for telephone systems.

A new order in June 2019 changes this standard as follows :

- Improvement in CPR level: Cca s1, d1, a1

- Coupling attenuation : -85dB over frequency range 0-100MHz for better electromagnetic protection

« In order to comply with this development in standards, AXITRONIC has developed a new version of its Grade 3 TV cable : G3TV4C5 »

Axitronic LogoAxitronic Logo

The new version of our Axitronic Grade 3TV cable, developed with the expertise of CAE GROUP's teams, is fully compliant with the changes in the residential standard and will ensure distribution of all the required TV channels, from our ASBNEPx communication boxes to the terminals.


Application :


  • - Communications cable for residential installations
  • - Ideal solution for IPTV applications or distribution of TV signals such as DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S/S2.

Composition :


  • - LSZH 4-pair F/FTP cable, shielded pair-to-pair combined with overall shielding
  • - 2GHz bandwidth on 7/8 pair: used for transmission of high-frequency signals
  • - Supports data transfer rates up to 10Gbps