June 20, 2018

Residential wiring is changing : find out more about balun patch cords


Residential cabling is changing, for dwellings where the building permit is dated later than 01/09/2016 (Standard XPC90-483).

As a coaxial cable is no longer mandatory, RF cable television signals can also be transmitted on a twisted pair cable (Grade 2 TV and Grade 3 TV). This technology option requires the use of balun cords for connection in communication boxes and to receiving terminals. 

BALUN = Balanced Unbalanced

75 Ohms < > 100 Ohms

Balun cord RJ/F plugBalun cord RJ/F plug

Balun cord RJ/F plug

This cord is used in a communication box and/or for a satellite TV terminal. 
It transmits terrestrial and satellite signals. It is composed of an RJ45 connector and an F plug type connector.

References :

  • CORDBALRJF040 : 40 cm
  • CORDBALRJF080 : 80 cm
  • CORDBALRJF25 : 250 cm

Balun cord RJ/IECBalun cord RJ/IEC

Balun cord RJ/IEC

This cord transmits UHF/VHF/FM terrestrial signals, it is fitted with an RJ45 connector and an IEC 9.52 male connector.

It is used to connect an RJ45 communication connector to a TV fitted with a female IEC 9.52 socket.

Reference :

  • CORDBALRJIEC25 : 250 cm