April 6, 2021

RJ45 Cat6A plug for demanding environments

Subject to specific constraints, industrial and event environments require the use of robust products. CAE GROUPE has been active in these fields for more than 30 years, through its Axindus and S2CEB brands, and has developed a highly resistant plug that guarantees absolute reliability.

Reinforced RJ45 category 6A plug: a shared vision for industry and live performance

Industry and live performance are two very different worlds, but their level of requirements are nevertheless quite similar.

In order to guarantee the best resistance and durability to these installations, the plug integrates all the components necessary for intensive use, while guaranteeing ease of connection and high-speed performance:

    - EMC protection through 360° shielding

    - Mechanical reliability thanks to nut tightening

    - Supportive protective cap

    - Cat6A performance

    - Tool-free assembly

Specific features to meet the particular requirements of each sector

To meet the specific requirements of these sectors, the RJ45 Cat6A plug is available in two versions.

Plug industrie - Plug audio vidéo livePlug industrie - Plug audio vidéo live

Axindus I4PLEC6AFS plug for industry

Resistance, particularly mechanical, to guarantee the longevity of installations and the reliability of signal:

- Industry-specific colour coding for EIA/TIA B and PROFINET

- 360° cable grounding via copper tape

- AWG22-24 for rigid and flexible cables

DDiscover all the connectors dedicated to Industry:

S2CEB AUDIOLANCON6A plug, for events, broadcast and entertainment

High performance, practicality and sturdiness to respond to the traction undergone during repeated handling and repositioning:

- Specific colour coding for live EIA/TIA A and B

- Reusable and re-positionable

- AWG23-26 rated for rigid and flexible cables