November 26, 2020

The FTTH Axitronic range is growing

New FTTH* preterminated links with modular optical terminal outlet

*FTTH: Fiber To The Home 

Infographie amplificateur 100VInfographie amplificateur 100V

Saving space

The terminal outlet has reduced dimensions allowing a real space saving, so it is easy to insert the product in an overloaded communication cabinet.


Easy installation and maintenance

The optical link is placed on a reel, allowing the cable to be unwound easily. Fixing, locking and extracting the optical terminal outlet on the DIN rail can simply be done by clips.



The preterminated link perfectly meets the requirements of FTTH residential environments.

It is equipped with a SC APC adapter with laser protection and an anti-dust cover.

The link is composed of a G657A2 optical fiber ensuring compatibility with FTTH networks It is available in several lenghts : 20, 30, 40 or 60m.


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Gamme FTTH - Axitronic packagingGamme FTTH - Axitronic packaging
Gamme FTTH - AxitronicGamme FTTH - Axitronic

Subscriber links with optical terminal outlet

They are available in 4 fibers for very dense areas or 1 fiber for moderately dense areas. Links are available from 20 to 90 meters.

Optical terminal outlet box equipped with 4 fibers

P/N: 48FTTH4