The waterproof solution for your industrial environments


Thanks to its synergy of its Axindus and MMC brands, CAE GROUPE, recognized for over 25 years for its expertise in structured cabling is launching its I4 range dedicated to Industry 4.0. Its IP protection, certified IP67 or IP68, protects our connectors from the effects of water immersion as well as making it resistant to harsh environments.



This solution completes the Industry 4.0 offer. It consists of polyurethane cables and active products that are already in stock

Axindus, MMC, Level one - industrie 4.0Axindus, MMC, Level one - industrie 4.0


  • Industrial process
  • Automation
  • Remote control


IP product range on DIN RAIL: switch, RJ / FO converter, etc.


Structured copper and fiber optic cabling solution Rack 19’’


Waterproof range

Composed of waterproof RJ45 connectors with an IP68 protection index, and their waterproof buttons and boxes. This range allows you to overcome the problems posed by hostile environments such as outdoor installations, industrial installations, fluid projection...

Connecteur RJ45 CAT6A Blindé IP68Connecteur RJ45 CAT6A Blindé IP68

RJ45 connector CAT6A Shielded IP68 :
Reference : I46AFSIP68

  • IP68 protection rating
  • ZAMAC 360 ° shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • AWG admissible: 22-26 single-strand / 24-26 multi-strand
  • Easy and quick wiring
  • Compatible with our reference boxes I4BOXIP671C and I4BOXIP672C.
  • IEEE 802.3bt 90W compliant
Plug RJ45 CAT6A IP68 BlindéPlug RJ45 CAT6A IP68 Blindé

RJ45 CAT6A IP68 Shielded Plug
Référence : I4PLUGIP68

  • IP68 protection rating
  • ZAMAC 360 ° shielding against electromagnetic disturbance
  • AWG admissible: 22-26 single-strand / 24-26 multi-strand
  • Easy and quick wiring
  • Compatible with refs I46AFSIP68 and I4COUPL6AIP68
  • IEEE 802.3bt 90W compliant

Our RJ45 CAT6A coupler allows an extension between other connecting devices which use Ethernet connection cords with our RJ45 and CAT6A cable.

Coupleur RJ45 CAT6A FEMELLE - FEMELLE Blindé IP68Coupleur RJ45 CAT6A FEMELLE - FEMELLE Blindé IP68

RJ45 Coupler CAT6A FEMALE - FEMALE Shielded IP68
Référence : I4COUPL6AIP68

  • IP68 protection rating
  • ZAMAC 360 ° shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • Easy and quick wiring
  • IEEE 802.3bt 4pPoE compliant
  • Compatible with I4CAPRJ screw cap
  • Installation on our I4BOXIP671C and I4BOXIP672C boxes.

Sealing plug for coupler or RJ45 connector
Reference : I4CAPRJ

  • IP68 protection rating
Bouchon d’étanchéité pour plug RJ45 Référence : I4CAPPLUGBouchon d’étanchéité pour plug RJ45 Référence : I4CAPPLUG

Sealing plug for RJ45 Plug 
Reference : I4CAPPLUG

  • IP68 protection rating

Boitier IP67 1 ou 2 connecteur(s)Boitier IP67 1 ou 2 connecteur(s)

IP67 box 1 or 2  connector
Reference : I4BOXIP671C & I4BOXIP671C

- IP67 protection rating

- Cable gland for optimal sealing.

- Available in 1 and 2 ports.

Lan Polyuréthane Cables

Polyurethane sheath LAN cables meet the resistance requirements in industrial environments.

  • Resistance to chemical and mechanical attacks (grease, lubricants, oils)
  • UV resistant
  • High EMC protection thanks to double shielding:  SF / UTP for cat5e and S / FTP for category 7.

Cat5e cables

  • Reference SFU1004PUR : 4x2xAWG24/1
  • Reference SFU100P4PUR : 4x2xAWG26/7 for flexible application
  • Reference SFU100XP4PUR : 4x2xAWG26/19 for extra-flexible application in a cable chain

Cat7 cables

  • Reference SFU1004PUR : 4x2xAWG23/1
  • Reference SFU1004PUR : 4x2xAWG26/7 for flexible application


LEVELONE Active Range

The active products of the Level One range meets the needs of Industry 4.0 –  compatibility with a Din rail installation and high resistance to hostile environment conditions, such as water splashes. The products are also submersible (under certain conditions).

Some products in the range are equipped with a dual-band frequency, with automatic management of the frequency bands for better reception of the WIFI signal.

Point d’accès WIFI bi-bandePoint d’accès WIFI bi-bande

Dual-band WIFI access point
Reference WAP8021 :

  • Share your WIFI network up to 1200Mbps
  • Dual-band technology reduces interference to receive a reliable signal
  • Compatible with WIFI standards IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac
  • Multi operating mode to suit different wireless applications
Switch industriel 12 ports Gigabit PoESwitch industriel 12 ports Gigabit PoE

12-port Gigabit PoE industrial switch
Référence IGP1221 :

  • 8 gigabit ports and 4 SFP ports
  • Power 240 W
  • PoE function
  • Redundant power input with terminal block
  • Operating temperature -40 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Din Rail fixing
Convertisseur de support industriel Gigabit RJ45 vers SCConvertisseur de support industriel Gigabit RJ45 vers SC

Industrial media converter Gigabit RJ45 to SC
Reference IEC2002 :

  • Compatible with NEMA TS1 & TS2 standard requirements for traffic control devices
  • 1000Base-SX multi-mode fiber for links up to 2km
  • 1000Mbps-Full-Duplex, 10 / 100Mbps-Full / Half-duplex, auto negotiation, auto-MDI / MDIX
  • Power supply and link malfunction alarm via relay output
  • Operating temperature -40 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Aluminum box
  • Rail-Din fixing


Driven by the development of new technologies, Industry 4.0 represents a new generation of connected, robotic and intelligent factories. With the digital revolution, the boundaries between the physical and digital world are diminishing, giving rise to interconnected 4.0 factories in which employees, machines and products interact. Industry 4.0 is a challenge and a real opportunity for the industrial niche.

Industry 4.0, which made its first appearance in 2011, marks the 4th industrial revolution, also known as Industry of the future.

Industrie 4.0Industrie 4.0

This new revolution is based on the smart factory, which is characterized by an interconnection of machines and systems within production sites, but also between sites and external forces (customers, partners, other production sites).

These machines are complemented by wired or wireless connectivity, sensors connected to a system that represents the entire production chain and thus allows it to self-manage.

The interconnectivity allows operators to collect data and information at different stages of the manufacturing process, thus facilitating functionality and human-machine exchanges. This must be reliable at all times to ensure the responsiveness of the system.