March 26, 2021

Our ultra-flexible UHD cable, the best for mobile performance

The flexibility of the UHD08370ULTRA cable, combined with its high level of video performance, makes this the best cable for outdoor mobile use. It has been validated at 12 Gbps by Tektronix tests.

UHD08370ULTRA cableUHD08370ULTRA cable

Ideal for your outdoor mobile events

The UHD08370ULTRA cable can be used for UHD 4K video links under SMPTE standards 2081 and 2082. The polyurethane sheathing ensures that it will withstand any challenges during your event.

Performance tests

Tektronix has tested and guarentees the cable capacity and performance.

Performance tests - UHD08370ULTRAPerformance tests - UHD08370ULTRA

Length validated according to the SMPTE standards:

SMPTE standards - HDTVSMPTE standards - HDTV


This cable is perfectly suited to fixed and mobile installations, due to its ultra-flexible polyurethane sheath. It meets the requirements of stage shows, tours and outside broadcast vehicles.

Place to installationPlace to installation

To find out more about the performance of these cables, please download our technical data sheet

Product availability

Available as cut and as cords, with or without reels, with the following connectors:

  • - NBNC75BJP9 - BNC male crimp with black sleeve - Neutrik (on request)
  • - NBNC75BJP9X - UHD bayonet BNC with black sleeve - Neutrik (on stock)