October 29, 2016

​Update on Euroclasses

What are the new standards that apply from 1 st July 2017. Damien Louis, Technical Director and member of the standards committee at CAE GROUPE tells you everything you need to know ! 

From 1st July 2013, the building products regulation no. 305/2011 was issued and now applies for every member country of the EU. 


Which cables are affected by this regulation ? 

Damien Louis :

« Power cables, control cables and communication cables are all affected by the Euroclasses, whereas before, cables weren't concerned. Since the arrival of harmonised standards, methods and criteria for evaluating fire performance have been put into place. The primary aim of these regulations is to ensure that people and property in buildings are protected.

So all power cables, control cables and communication cables for fixed installations, intended for use in buildings, must now have the Euroclass classification. However, fire protection cables of type CR1 C1 are not covered in these regulations »


What are the main objectives of the new regulations ?

❶ Harmonising rules for evaluation of fire performance
❷ Having a common language between EU member countries 
❸ Obtaining reliable information about cable performance 
❹ Allowing free movement of cables within the EU


What are the changes in terms of the standards ?

D.L. : « The Euroclass classification of a cable is implemented using the following three standards.

Standard EN13501-6 which defines the fire classification of the electrical cables.

Standard EN 50399 which defines the test methods that allow for measurement and classification according to the 4 criteria defined above.

Standard EN 50575 which defines 3 performance evaluation systems: 1+, 3 and 4. Each of these systems has its own requirements »


Which Euroclasses for France ?

D.L. : « Each country defines the Euroclasses that it wishes to have installed in buildings. In France, 4 classes have been proposed. A distinction has been made between power cables and communication cables »


What is the timeline involved ?
D.L. : « Installers will need to be installing CE marked cables as soon as they become available on the market after 1st July 2017. The requirement to install CE cables is based on the date of submission of the building permit for new premises. »