October 15, 2020

What mean AWG ?

Americans have never adopted the metric system, they speak in inches, feet, miles… and AWG !

What is AWG ?

The American Wire Gauge is a hierarchical measurement of the cross section of a cable: today there are 39 increments in use. This may come as a surprise - the larger the core section, the smaller the gauge. Astonishing? The method of manufacturing the copper strands may help us to understand; the smaller a core is, the greater the number of wire drawing operations required to form it. The figure that provides the cross-section according to AWG is, in a way, representative of the number of times the copper is drawn to be refined.

Copper - AWGCopper - AWG

AWG to mm²

When a cable is UL/CSA standardized, the section will always be expressed in AWG, because the American standard uses this unit of measurement. You can find an AWG-mm² equivalence table here, as a reference.

equivalence table AWG to mm2equivalence table AWG to mm2