Article R. 111-14 of the Construction and Housing Code, standard NFC 15-100 sections 10 and 11 and experimental standard XP C 90-483, have introduced new factors into residential wiring. Communication services, such as telephone, data and television services (DTTV, satellite, etc.) must now be distributed via a twisted pair cable using a communication box. This therefore officially marks the end of coaxial cable for TV distribution (apart from uplinks) and PTT298 for telephone systems. A genuine technical challenge for all manufacturers, Grade 3 TV cable will need to comply with strict constraints, to ensure compliance with the standard. A level of technological complexity that some manufacturers seem to be trying to sidestep.

In this White Paper :
- Details of standard XP C 93-531-17

- Understanding the technical challenges involved in manufacturing a Grade 3 TV cable

- "Fake" Grade 3 TV cable

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