April 6, 2021

Angled patch panel : for better cord management

The new 19’’ LKPAN1UV angled patch panel Multimedia Connect is designed to facilitate operators work. It allows a better management of patch cords, optimized RJ45 connection and maintenance as well as easier identification.

Panneau de brassage angulé - LKPAN1UVPanneau de brassage angulé - LKPAN1UV

Sustainable installation

The angled shape of the panel allows a better patch cords management on the front side. On the rear side, the panel is equipped with cable blocks for a better cable management at the back of the panel.

Easier management of the IT infrastructure

The front panel of the LKPAN1UV is managed via 4 removable Keystone blocks that allow an fluent connection and maintenance of theRJ45 connectors for easier management of the IT infrastructure.

Simplified identification.

The removable blocks have a numbered and protected label holder to simplify the identification and to optimize on-site intervention time.

Bloc amovibles avec étiquettes numérotéesBloc amovibles avec étiquettes numérotées

Secure and compliant installation

The LKPAN1UV patch panel is equipped with a double metal skin for automatic grounding, which guarantees an installation of the panel in compliance with EN-50174 installation standards.

Panneau de brassage conforme aux normes d’installations EN-50174.Panneau de brassage conforme aux normes d’installations EN-50174.


- 19'' 24-port angled patch panel for cable management

- Rear cable blocks for cable management and connection

- Removable front blocks for RJ45 management

- Numbered identification of RJ45 ports

- Double skinned panel for automatic grounding

- New 100% recyclable packaging

To learn more about the performance of this panel, please download our technical data sheet.